Urban Management Systems Laboratory

- Development of Infrastructures toward Sustainable Human Society with Harmony of Environments -

Our mission

  In overcrowded urban areas, the developments of new infrastructures, such as railways, rapid transport systems, and energy facilities, is being adjusted in order to employ underground space. Underground space is useful as a solution for the geosequestration of by-products after energy generation. In order to develop new geofronts, the mechanical and hydro-mechanical properties of soils and rock are being studied and their application to tunnel and underground excavations, dam foundations, slope stability, and safe and trusted road network are being researched based on the geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics, and fluid mechanics.



C1-2-3, Kyoto University Kastsura Campus, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto, 615-8540,Japan

Room 335 (Prof. Kishida)

Room 336 (Assoc. Prof. Sawamura)

Room 334 (Assist. Prof. Miyoshi & Secretaray Matsuoka)

Room 338 (Student room)